Assessment Criteria

Detailed Explanation about the Assessment Criteria

Evaluation Process

A panel of well-known senior business executives and leading knowledge management experts will be formed to select the winners of the Hong Kong MIKE Award.

Applicants are required to submit a written report. Guidelines are as follows.

Guidelines for Preparing your KM Stories

Submission Guidelines

The Submission Report should include the following Parts A and B in the format as follows.

  • A4-size, with single-lined spacing and minimum font size of 12 points
  • Maximum 2 pages per criteria for Part A; maximum 1 page per measurement for Part B (including tables and figures)
  • Appendices (optional such as such as company annual reports, articles, newspaper clippings etc.; maximum of 5 items)
  • Start a new page for each section
  • Insert page numbers in the report
  • File size is limited to 20 MB

Part A - MIKE Assessment Criteria (Sustainability Factors)

Please to write narrative/stories on your effort in each of the 8 criteria below with supporting data and evidence.


Capital Element


  1. 1. Empowering knowledge workers for innovation
Human Capital (HC) Recruiting, training, motivating, talent management etc.          
  1. 2. Creating client and user expectations/needs/experiences
Relational Capital (RC) Service design thinking, user lab etc.
  1. 3. Developing  internal & external networks and connectivity
Relational Capital (RC) Open innovation, crowd sourcing, strategic alliance and partnership, etc.
  1. 4. Strategizing, visioning and transformative leadership
Structural Capital (SC) - Innovation Capital Futurizing, business models,risk taking,entrepreneurship, etc.
  1. 5. Cultivating organizational innovative culture
Structural Capital (SC) - Innovation Organizational learning, team dynamics etc.
  1. 6. Investing and delivering knowledge-based products/services/solutions
Structural Capital (SC) - Process Capital R&D, Idea Incubation, etc.
  1. 7. Enforcing knowledge practices and systems for knowledge creation
Structural Capital (SC) - Process Capital Knowledge creation process, SECI  etc.
  1. 8. Implementing  creative and  virtual space to create stakeholder value 
Structural Capital (SC) - Process Capital Future Centre, collaborative workplaces, smart office, mind lab, etc.

Part B - Innovation Performance

Please select the most appropriate measurement to your organization and provide self-appraisal with data and evidence. You may select more than one measurement.

  • New products/new services/new business models developed
  • Market share/new product sales
  • Patents/licenses/loyalties
  • Revenues /incomes/turnover
  • Customer/client satisfaction
  • Prizes/awards/honors, etc.
  • Patents/ publications/new ideas etc.